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connecting communities

< 50% of developing world and < 15% in least developed countries have access to the internet, accelerating the digital divide

In 2016 the UN General Assembly passed a non-binding Resolution emphasizing that “access to information on the Internet facilitates vast opportunities in many spheres of life… while underlining the need to address digital literacy and the digital divides…”

past experience

Our team has been involved in many past projects including:

part of the start-up and leadership team for Roshan (Afghanistan), building their largest mobile operator post 2002 

leadership positions in T-CELL, the largest mobile operator in Tajikistan 

connectivity for rural villages

software company startups

 Our strength in strategic planning, sales, marketing, project management and implementing digital solutions for B2C and B2B customers segments can help bring your vision to reality.



We help to connect people with people and provide access to internet services helping to close the gap on the digital divide. Our connectivity services span the spectrum from implementing large deployments to mobile operators to wifi hotspots for enterprises to rural village ict projects enabling remote education, tele-medicine, support for agriculture and many others over vsat. Don’t wait – get connected – contact us.


Our communication solutions include wholesale, roaming and enterprise applications that allow customers to enjoy global access to over 100 networks for voice, messaging, and data.  Contact center solutions with virtual numbers enhance your customer experience allowing for toll-free services in many countries. We offer omni-channel customer engagement solutions for enterprises to make conversations relevant and contextual while reaching customers on their preferred channel for richer experience. Power your business apps with our APIs and leverage the full potential of unified and integrated communication – contact us.

market enablers

Large enterprises like banks, hospitals, and telcos typically suffer from disconnected systems and workflows with multiple barriers to share information across departments leading to poor service execution and higher costs which ultimately impacts their customers.  Our market enabler applications provide interoperability, data discovery, real time ingestion and visualization working with structured and unstructured data.  Technologies such as blockchain, AI / NLP / ML are used to support automation of processes, protecting customer data, managing customer authorizations for data use and transactions, and utilizing crucial business insights to improve customer experience and revenue. Bring services to life quickly – contact us.

network management

Cyber threats are real to both our homes and our workplaces.  Our solutions offer advanced Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence driven real time network monitoring and threat detection and prevention. We support networks of all sizes against cyber threats and for telco customers we provide firewall solutions to identify and block illegal voice and sms traffic helping to increase revenues.  Our network management services can also help you with your green IT initiatives focusing on IT Optimization for reductions in costs, power use and CO2 emissions as part of a company’s transition to net zero. Accelerate your net-zero initiative and achieve a protected network – contact us.

software development

Our sw development teams are located in the US, India and Turkey. We have expertise in delivering applications for large enterprises to start-ups for contact centers, virtual assistants, mobile applications, telecom, health, education and banking services. Scale up your tech – contact us.