providing health services for everybody

in rural areas, hospitals are isolated from patients

hospitals lack the technology needed to improve healthcare quality or manage and monitor health 

there’s a continuous training required to up skill hospital staff 

technology alleviates the immense strain on the health care systems globally

previous experience

established tele-medicine centers connecting 5 hospitals in Afghanistan to the Aga Khan University in Pakistan 

provided online training to nurses

developed apps and notification systems to monitor and guide a patients well-being


access to health

In today’s world of health care, patients suffer from a lack of services in both developed and developing markets.  Health operations are overrun with legacy systems that limit their efficiency and result in burn-out of practitioners.  The technology we use enables care centers to accelerate patients through to the care they need, with automated and compliant registration, admission, discharge support, medication management, pre-op, post-op tools that remove time-consuming administration and improve data accuracy and compliance.  Our solutions get systems working together to facilitate connectivity and data transfer between all information systems, departments, devices, and the Internet of Things (IoT) making it possible to deliver a patient centered care engagement model from registration to remote services. Smart, automated workflows, omni-channel interactions and AI / NLP  enabled voice-driven digital medical assistants –  that participates in the virtual consultation between the patient and the doctor –  take notes, performs medical information search, and captures patient consultations giving patients and practitioners the tools they need to drive efficient interactions and increase thru-put without sacrificing patient care.  Give the best to your patients and practitioners – contact us.