bringing learning to you

close to 300m children do not go to school

1B young people will not have the basic literacy, numeracy, and digital skills to compete for jobs in 2030 

today’s youth are unprepared for the global shift to newer technologies through coding and AI

previous experience

established and created e-learning centers in afghanistan, focusing on young girls

implemented online schooling solutions

partnered with content providers for education platforms


supplementary education content

We have aggregated the leading education companies globally in one place offering over 20 primary and supplementary solutions from early childhood to adult training containing an extensive library and exclusive licenses to over 50 000 videos, activities, pdfs and games and that can last through multiple school years.  Our content pillars cater for school syllabus, financial education, entrepreneurship, music, personal growth and emotional well-being.  We partner with large organisations to scale distribution. Make a world class education accessible and affordable for millions – contact us.


As the digital world continues to become more expansive, coding and knowledge of computers is essential for all whether they pursue careers in technology or not. We provide coding games that teach kids the basics of programming and grow their skills to making minecraft and roblox type games, web-development and software engineering through on-demand & live videos. Break the digital divide – contact us.