making financial inclusion a reality

35 % of adults do not have access to a bank account

the pandemic has only heightened the need for digital financial services

mobile phones have become ubiquitous and mobile money solutions can provide access to the marginalized

past experience

launched mobile money  in central asia to improve banking transactions –  e-wallet, community-based savings programs, salary/bill payments, micro-finance loans

developed solutions to increase savings through pension plans and workflows for a salary payment system

mobile money for humanitarian aid


digital wallets

All types of enterprises – including retailers, telcos, banks and many others are providing digital wallet features to their end users and business customers. Our solution empowers consumers across segments to perform all types of cashless transaction for their various needs through different channels including mobile application, QR Codes, NFC, USSD, IVR and Web. By using our solution, you can easily make your clients benefit from cashless transactions including loyalty points, prepaid vouchers, geo-location based marketing promotion,  and other financial services that help to build out your super-app. Features like money deposit and withdrawal ( cash-in/out) , send and receive money , bill payments , self and other top-up ( airtime & data packages ), microloan and micro-insurance, wallet to bank / bank to wallet , and international remittance are some of the capabilities. Corporate and governments can collect taxes, credit salaries, disburse cash subsidies or aid and make other bulk payments to any type of population.   Combine the digital wallet to our ekYC, credit loan and market enablers solutions to take financial inclusion to a whole new level – contact us.

electronic registration and verification

Secure AI-based digital integrated KYC and on-boarding solution with ID documents validation and verification engine at its core. Shorten transaction turnaround time and make tracking and monitoring easier with features like video KYC, bio-metric capture, OCR, face match, liveness detection, geo-fencing and geo-tagging.  Make transactions more secure – contact us.

credit scoring / micro loans

A next-gen integrated lending platform that uses predictive analysis to make credit decisions based on traditional and non-traditional data. Bring a 360- degree makeover in the lending approach by combining lender’s data with multiple sources such as location-based information, mobile app data, behavioral tracking, social media behavior, utility consumption and so on to help make informed decisions in real-time. Access new customer segments for traditional lenders, telecom, retail, wallet service providers etc with an integrated lending management solution to support the entire loan cycle including origination, underwriting, servicing, and collections. Provide various micro lending solutions such as micro-lending, line of credit and buy now pay later. Predict borrower’s payment behavior and reduce credit risk –contact us.

remittance network

As the digital economy and the number of un-banked population remote / foreign workers continues to grow, connecting mobile money ecosystems to the world enabling mobile wallet holders to purchase goods, send and receive funds from multiple payment services across the globe becomes an imperative.  Connect your mobile wallet with a single API integration to access our entire remittance network with AML / CFT capabilities in place to help meet your regulatory requirements. Allow mobile wallet holders to receive funds in real time and business customers to sell their product to the diaspora community –contact us.