Sustainable Agriculture

alleviating poverty

we waste 1/3 of all food produced

food security is a global problem; impacting survival

the global food system is not able to keep up with demand, yet over 40% of outputs do not make it to markets due to a lack of sustainable market linkages.

countries dependent on agriculture need new models to grow and develop sustainable jobs and income 

previous experience

built out-grower models in africa and central asia to connect small farmers to markets, service providers and data sources using digital platforms enhancing sustainability in the value chain

implemented projects to create sustainable jobs and economic development (greenhouses, fish farms, value addition facilities)

worked with multilateral agencies on the creation of sustainable food systems  that can lead to revenue generation 


strategy development

through our diverse experience in building and scaling sustainable businesses in emerging and post conflict markets, aka partners is well positioned to work with our clients to develop high impact and profitable strategies to meet business and developmental objectives and strategies that are linked to the un sustainable development goals. we are well versed with cultural, societal and political nuances across central asia, the middle east and sub-saharan africa.  we our passionate about working with the private sector and development partners to build sustainable strategies for the markets we work in. contact us to learn more.

project development

aka partners has extensive experience in designing and implementing agri-businesses in central asia and sub-saharan africa.  we work with international epc and technology solutions providers to build projects such greenhouse/vertical farming, aquaculture and food waste projects that meet strategic objectives. our extensive local expertise enables us to ensure that projects develop according planed timelines. our multifaceted team allows us to ensure that projects are efficient and correctly integrated.  contact us to design and implement your high impact agribusiness.

agriculture commodity trading

through our global network of farmers and commodity traders in various origins, aka partners is able to source and ship agriculture commodities to meet our partners requirements. our team has extensive experience in shipping commodities by sea in both containers and full vessels, air and by road.  contact us to discuss your commodity requirements.

fund raising

the team at aka partners has worked with both multilateral and private sector players to successfully raise funding for projects and commodity trades in various sectors including agriculture. we have strong relationships with the donor community, local and international financial institutions and private investors to raise the required funding to realise projects. Discuss your funding needs – contact us.